This research project is an on-going investigation about wireless communications in underground mines fromfive universities (UQAT, UQO, INRS-EMT, U.Laval, école Polytechnique). More precisely, we willinvestigate wide-band signalling, its integration with the surface communication network and several applications: long distance remote control, and human and machine localisation with WLAN units.

In a section: "network : architecture and integration", we will investigate service provisioning for the miningenvironment, emulation of cellular functionality and a new spontaneous network model based upon full autonomous wireless units.

In a section: "rf : propagation and smart millimetre wave antennas", we will investigate behaviour of an underground mine channel with ultra-short and pulsed waves, in order to design smart antennas and process localization based upon Ultra Wide Band products.

In a section: "applications: localization and other wireless processes", we will put more emphasis on development. In particular, we continue work to ensure a pratical localization procedure for multiple mobiles based upon actual WLAN units, deploy a network of remote sensors, doing an experiment with very long WLAN chain for remote teleoperation of a real mining machine.

All these proposed taks will give insights to mining industry about the potential communication infrastructures that will ensure safety, while offering better quality of service, all these at best costs, evolved from specific wireless standards for undergound.

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The DAPOI project